Head lice? Don’t panic! NYDA and NYDA Plus are effective to stop nits in their tracks. Get your kids back to school quickly with NYDA.

Why trust NYDA?

  • Kills in 1 hour
  • Kills both lice & eggs in 1 treatment
  • Easy to apply via spray or comb applicator
  • Effective treatment so kids are back to school the next day nit free
  • No Neurotoxic pesticides
  • NYDA Plus = fragrance free


Kills in 1 hour

  • Special dual formula attacks both lice and their eggs by suffocating them
  • Convenient pump spray and easy to use lice comb
  • No neurotoxic pesticides
  • Works in 1 application

NYDA Plus 100mL Family Pack

Kills in 1 hour

  • Eradicates head lice & eggs by suffocating them
  • Easy to apply and comes with self-applicator comb
  • Double the size to treat the entire family
  • Fragrance-free and no neurotoxic pesticides – good for even the youngest children

How to use NYDA

  • NYDA Step 1

    Step 1
    Spray the hair roots thoroughly with NYDA.

    Use enough NYDA to completely cover the hair when you massage it in.

  • NYDA Step 2

    Step 2
    Massage in and allow it to work for 1 hour.

  • NYDA Step 3

    Step 3
    Carefully comb out the hair with the lice comb to remove the dead lice, nymphs and detached eggs.

  • NYDA Step 4

    Step 4
    Wash the hair with your usual shampoo. Repeat if necessary.

  • NYDA Plus Step 1

    Step 1
    Centre part your hair. Place the applicator slightly slantwise at the scalp and draw the applicator downwards carefully.

  • NYDA Plus Step 2

    Step 2
    Massage in until the hair is completely wet.

  • NYDA Plus Step 3

    Step 3
    Leave NYDA Plus in the hair for an hour to ensure all the eggs have been eradicated.

  • NYDA Plus Step 4

    Step 4
    After 1 hour, NYDA Plus can be washed out with your usual shampoo. Shampoo again if any product remains.

Where to buy NYDA

Find a NYDA head lice treatment retailer near you.

About NYDA

NYDA & NYDA Plus uses a proven effective formula to kill head lice and their eggs

NYDA and NYDA Plus uses a 92% Dimethicone dual formula to take double action against all stages of head lice. It is a unique treatment supported by in vitro (lab) and clinical tests to eradicate adult head louse, nymphs and eggs. Head lice treated with NYDA® in an in-vitro study, were knocked out in just a few minutes. Good bye, parasite!

In vitro comparative study*
Ovicidal (egg-killing) effect of five current head lice products (young head lice eggs after an incubation time of 1 hour)


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